In November 2018, voters in Roswell and other Fulton County cities approved the adoption of a “floating” homestead exemption that will cap the annually adjusted assessed value of their home at 3 percent, starting in 2019. This exemption will automatically apply to residences in Roswell that have been granted the Basic Homestead Exemption from Fulton County. In order to receive the floating homestead exemption in your 2019 property assessments and tax bills, homeowners must either:
Already be signed up to receive Fulton County’s Basic Homestead Exemption: If a homeowner is already signed up for the Basic exemption, it will be indicated on their “Annual Notice of Assessment” document. To access this document, visit, perform a property search, and click on “Assessment Notice.”
File to receive the Basic Homestead Exemption by April 1, 2019: More information about this process and instructions for filing can be found at

The Fulton County Basic Homestead Exemption applies to the Fulton County portion of your property taxes anywhere in Fulton County, with no income or age limits. Basic homestead exemptions renew each year automatically as long as you own the home. While all homeowners may qualify for a Basic Homestead Exemption (and thereby, the new floating homestead exemption), there are also many different exemptions available for seniors and people with full medical or veterans’ disabilities (and their surviving spouses) through Fulton County and the City of Roswell.

For information about these additional homestead exemptions, visit: –Fulton County Board of Assessors: –Fulton County Guide to Homestead Exemptions: –City of Roswell’s Property Tax Page:

For additional questions about homestead exemptions, contact the Fulton County Board of Assessors at 404-612-6440 or or the City of Roswell at 770-641-3759 or