Present for Showings

When Donna and I started our “to sell a home journey” we met with 4 different real estate agents. We have, over the years, sold several homes and there is no doubt that LPG are heads and tails above all the rest. Why? When we walked through our home they fell in love with it. At the end of the tour I asked them what they would say to a prospective buyer, and they were the ONLY agents who were excited by what they saw, and presented our home in a better light than even we realized. In addition, before they would “allow“ us to place our home on the market, it needed to be properly staged. The LPG team went to work to stage and prepare our home for a market that they clearly understood. When their staging was complete, we were even more proud of the home that we lived in for the past 10 years. This team does not allow a lock box to be placed on the residence, as they are present at every showing. That is awesome! The results… our home was placed on the market on Saturday and was sold in 24 hours. They are without question the most professional, hardworking, team of professionals we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you LPG!